he said it!…sort of

So for the last few months as Silas has been learning how to talk, I have been trying to get him to learn everyone’s names…especially mine. But each time I ask him he gives me this mischevious little smile and runs away. The other night he finally said it…yeah!…but instead of it sounding like “mimi” it is actually more like “pipi.” As much as I dread the thought of being Aunt Pipi…these videos were just too cute not to share.


Mexico post coming soon…

Silas thought we were taking a pictures…that’s why he is making the funny face the whole time.


2 thoughts on “he said it!…sort of

  1. The joy of learning – Silas just refuses to give you any satisfaction Aunt Mimi. Thanks for your efforts sweetheart as we enjoyed the clips!

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