What’s Next

I can’t believe it has already been eight months since I moved home. I am not going to say much about the past months except that they were much harder than I could have imagined. When I left, I knew God was telling me to come home and I just had to hold onto that. I still miss all my kids and when ever I think of them it still brings me to tears…I am crying even just writing about it now…but God is so good and has given me so much. Even through the tears I have hope and joy in where God has placed me now.

Last I wrote…I was working at CORRAL as the program manager for an equine assisted therapy center for at-risk teenage girls. I loved the ministry there, but really had a heart to work towards foster care…the hours and pay made that impossible, so after a few months I took a new job. I have been back at the farm every Saturday to do an optional Bible study with a few of the girls who stay after programming for an hour or so. It has been great and I have had so many different people from church come with me to make it all possible. I hope to continue to have opportunities to be a part of these girls lives.
Since January I have been doing marketing for a commercial photographer from our sister church in Durham, NC. It has been a great opportunity to grow and work in many areas as well as getting to learn from an amazing photographer! My boss is great and again…God has been so faithful!
I started looking for a place where I could take in kids, but rent was so high for multi bedrooms and after living in Mexico for the last few years…I didn’t qualify for a home loan.  After a while I just stopped looking and thought I would try again in a few months…but a couple weeks later some friends bought a house and offered to let me rent their three bedroom home. It is so perfect for my needs and I plan to spend the next year getting certified and ready to take in foster children. God has already supplied a roommate for this year to help with rent while I replace my dying car and furnish and get the house ready for kids.
I have seen God’s hand in every step of this process and it gives me even more faith to move forward towards foster care. He has already provided almost all the main furnishings for my new house and I am excited to see where he leads over the next year! I am planning on trying to keep updates on this blog about what he is doing and information on what it takes to become a certified foster parent.

Hope the few of you out there who still read this will enjoy this new adventure with me!

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