new business ventures




As many of you know…I did some part time photography before moving down to Mexico. I am attempting to start back into that again to help supplement my income. In the past I never even covered the cost of my equipment or website, so this time around I did more research to see what I would actually need to charge to make a profit. I wish I could afford to work as I did before, but I can’t. There are a lot of costs and a major time commitment to being able to stay on top of the market and keeping up with the learning curve of shooting and editing images. That being said, I am offering a great Family and Friends-Portfolio Building Discount from now through the end of the year. $100 for a 1 hour sitting and it includes a DVD of all your images. When I have my online galleries up and going, I will also put your pictures up there as well. I will offer similar discounts on special “photo days” in the future where I will try to shoot 6-8 sessions in a day at a specific location, so hopefully this will still be an offer everyone can use.

So, anyways. Please check out my new website and if you are on facebook, you can like my new fb site at If you would like to be on my mailing list for future discounts and offers please send a quick e-mail to

I want to send a special thanks to everyone who has been so encouraging and helpful over the years while I was getting started in photography. I still have so much to learn, but I never would have even tried without all the encouragement I received from family and friends like you! Thanks!

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