the in between

I moved back to my old home in North Carolina about six weeks ago. I left behind all the children I love at Rancho 3M and started life over again in my old hometown. Over the last few weeks I have moved in, started a new job/ministry, am trying to get a side business up and going, have rejoined my old church and reconnected with many old friends. I am not exactly sure where to start, but since I get the most questions about my new job…I will start there.
I am working as the Program Manager for CORRAL Riding Academy, an equine assisted therapy facility that works with at-risk teenage girls. I know that God opened this door and I am excited to be working with a christian organization. I knew going in that I had soooooo much to learn and that this job was going to push and stretch me in many new ways. I like my job and am excited to see what the future holds, but have to admit that I am overwhelmed and maybe even a bit stressed trying to learn everything and keep the masses of information and observations straight in my head.  I did not know going in that I would spend much of my time actually tutoring many of the girls and this has also opened a bucket of inadequacies…thank you Google for helping me through algebra, geometry, biology, chemistry and history tutoring sessions. I am actually enjoying learning the math stuff again and try whenever possible to give the other topics to one of the volunteer tutors. If you are interested in volunteering as a tutor or would like to learn more about this ministry you can visit their website at

Life in general has been going well. I planned ahead of time to jump in and hit the ground running so that I would stay busy and not have too much time to think and miss all my little kids back in Mexico. I think it has helped and even though I don’t feel like I am completely able to emotionally engage with my friends, church and job, I am able to enjoy it. I have a new homegroup with several couples that I was in youth group with way back when and I am excited to reconnect with them as well as the new couples I don’t really know yet. I am going to be teaching in the 3rd and 4th grade Sunday school class soon and am looking forward to working with children again. Things are different. The church has changed, people have come and gone, my friends are married and have beautiful children, the kids I once worked with are all grown up and even though I learned to drive here…I keep making wrong turns. But I expected the changes and while it is hard to have to try to find out where you belong all over again…I am a different person than I was four years ago and I am excited to see exactly what God has for me here.

I will try to keep everyone updated as life unfolds. No promises to do it regularly since you all know how I am about that, but by God’s grace I will have many stories of His faithfulness to report in the years to come. Puppy pictures and my new photography business info coming soon!

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