The Lord had a change of plans…

This is the most recent support/newsletter I sent out in case anyone isn’t on my e-mail list.

Well, once again the Lord has shown me that my ways are not His ways! As of the last newsletter I sent out my family and I were planning to head back to NC in early October, but things changed a little and I am actually going to be heading back next week. I will be leaving here on September 10 and hopefully arrive in North Caroline by September 12.

A couple of weeks ago after a friend heard I would be heading back to North Carolina, she told me about a job opening working with at-risk teenage girls at a horse farm. Needless to say I was intrigued and threw together a quick resume and sent it off. I didn’t know if I had any chance of getting the job, but after several interviews I was offered the position of Program Manager. There will be a rather steep learning curve, but in the end I will be a kind of case manager/program organizer. I will get to work with the girls, their families/schools/social workers/etc. as well as organizing, working with and I think eventually training volunteers. This is an amazing ministry opportunity as well as a huge learning and growing experience for me. I am crazy nervous and excited. As you might guess, this job won’t pay much at all, especially in the beginning, but I know the Lord has led me here and have faith that He will provide!

So here is my plan (Lord willing) to get through the next few months:

Part One:
I need help! Basically I’m broke. I can afford to get back home, but that’s about it. I will be staying with my brother, but there are many basic costs that I have to pay for in the first month (vehicle registration, license, gas to work, food, and I am going to need a few clothes, etc.).  My new job will pay monthly so I will only have about a week and a half of pay to get by on till early November.

As hard as it is to ask, I have prayed a lot about it and I need some help. If anyone is willing to help me get back on my feet, I would be so blessed! I had originally asked for support through the month of September and if anyone feels the Lord calling them to this (even though I won’t be working at the Ranch the whole month), it would be a huge means of grace in my life right now!

The other issue is that if you send the money through Rancho 3M it will take a while to get back to me. If anyone is willing to forgo a tax deductible receipt and send it directly to me in NC, that would be an even bigger help!
Melissa Schlax
972 SIlverberry
Pittsboro, NC  27312

Part Two:
I am going to try to pick up some side work doing child, senior and family photography. I know I have a few faithful fans from years ago who might be willing to hire me even though I don’t have any kind of web-site or portfolio online. Please tell friends, I could REALLY use the business!!!!  (I hope to have an official web-site/portfolio up, but it may take a few months)

Melissa Joy Photography
Photo Blitz

Friday, September 14 – Saturday September 15
JC Raulston Arboretum

$100 includes: sitting fee, 1 hr photo session, DVD of all finished images
This is a special start up/portfolio building offer!!!!

If you have any questions or would like to set up a photo session please contact me at or 919-606-8302.

I can’t thank you all enough for your prayers and support over the past years and these past few weeks waiting for this job! You all have been a huge part of my ministry here and I am blessed to have been able to serve these kids. I love them so much and hope you will continue with me to keep them in your prayers for years to come. The Lord has a special plan for their lives and I have been privileged beyond measure for the opportunity to see even just a little bit of it!

I re-wrote this e-mail multiple times, so I hope my heart comes across and not just a plea for money. I am in faith that the Lord will supply and more than anything would ask for your prayers during these next weeks as I leave behind the children I have grown to love. While I know this is the Lord’s will, it is going to be a heart-breaking transition and I need your prayers for both me and all my little loved ones here!

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