Easter Sunday at Carl’s Jr.

There was no ham dinner for us this Easter…nope, it was hamburgers and fries all around. Thanks to the Kid’s Everywear sale we were able to take the kids out to eat after church on Sunday. This is not only a huge treat, but for several of our kids this was the first time they had ever eaten at a restaurant. I wish you all could have seen Meño’s face when he walked into the playground. His just stopped in his tracks and stared, eyes big as saucers. Each kid got their own soda cup (they almost never get soda, so this was huge) and several hours to play on the play ground after lunch.  It was a great afternoon for all of us…albiet they were a little wired from sugar after that.

Hopefully you can enjoy some of the fun through these pictures. I gave my camera to Miriam after a while and was very pleased with many of her pictures…enjoy!


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