grace and dirty socks

A couple of weeks ago I posted that my job here at Rancho 3M had changed drastically. Well here is an update on how it is all going.

My Dad has been in charge of the little boys dorm for the past year and he has things very organized. I love organized and really enjoyed learning his system for sorting and setting out all the boys clothes each day, for how to get the dorm clean and the laundry done in a timely manner. Some might say he is over organized, but if you ask him why he folds the underwear a certain way, there is actually a very good reason for it and why it makes the system more productive.

The numbers on the table are for sorting all the socks…it works great!

I usually work in the dorm from 8-2 each day just doing laundry, cleaning and trying to make sure everyone stays in clothes that fit and don’t have too many holes. With all the other work I have to do I am actually working way more hours than I was in the office, but I love the work and get to be much more involved with the kids. I am so much happier and can’t help but just smile every time I walk out the back door with a load of laundry to hang up. I don’t have to spend all day sitting at a desk or doing finances! God is so good!

Ever since my parents moved in with the little boys last year (they have moved over to their house now, but sleep with the boys at night) we have been brainstorming ways of training the boys in taking care of their dorm.  They tend to leave all their stuff under the beds, they throw away peoples shoes when they get mad and also use their shoes for wars between the rooms…you know, boys stuff. Anyways, they were not able to implement many of the ideas because they didn’t speak much when they first arrived.

I have had several meetings with the boys and explained that I would be keeping a list of certain things they needed to do better with and at the end of the week those with the least marks get a prize and those with the most would get to help do deep cleaning on Saturdays.  I had a few problems at the start as some kids were messing up the other kids beds, clothes, etc. to get them in trouble, but we have ironed it out and both the past two weeks the boys are knocking on my door asking when I am going to come and tell who won/lost. I come over and find them all waiting on the couch (actually sitting down and fairly quiet…miracles do happen). They have been so excited and even respond well to getting stuck on cleaning duty. It has been extra work for me to keep the lists, but I think it is working well and now I don’t have to clean the base boards.

God has given so much grace during this transition and I am so thankful for all your prayers. Please continue praying for me as wells as the boys as we learn together during this process.


4 thoughts on “grace and dirty socks

  1. Your parents are so very helpful to us when our groups have come to Rancho 3M–we could never get done what we do without their help.
    Matt Ferguson, Hillsboro

    • I am a little biased but I think they are great! We are so blessed to get to serve you guys when your team comes down. Can’t wait to see you all again!!! God Bless!

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