changes and prayer requests

For everyone that read the newsletter I sent out recently, I would like to let you know about some changes and ask for your prayers.  I had originally thought the new year would see me spending more and more time with the girls and less and less in the office. I had mentally been thinking and planning for that and had so many ideas and plans to  do with the girls. But as the director is always saying…Missionary rule number 11 is BE FLEXIBLE.  Yesterday I found out that instead of spending more time with the girls, I will actually be with them less, at least for some months. I am currently taking over daily doing all the little boys laundry, organizing their closet and cleaning their dorm so that my Dad can work on the literally “never ending” maintenance list. I will also be working on several HUGE organizational projects to get the Ranch on a pantry system for buying/storing everything we use at the Ranch. In the end this will include reorganizing several of the systems we have for shopping as well as storing all food, cleaning supplies, water, etc. I will also be taking over all the shopping/errands for the Ranch as well. On top of the larger projects, I will also take over a group of kids to help with their home work every day, do some cooking, working with the kindergartners after school and watching the kids once a week. Yeah! I am very excited for the new organization projects. I have been wanting to do them for a long time, but they are also going to be A LOT of work and I will need wisdom to keep my life prioritized and sane.

I would like to ask for prayer in these areas:

– To keep God first in everything I do (especially daily devotions)
– Grace to wake up early and get busy
– Wisdom to prioritize projects and make sure I still have time with the kids
– Wisdom to make the new shopping/storage system efficient and maintainable (even if I am not there)
– Grace not to let the business stress me out. (I am not a nice person to be around when I get stressed)
– That I would use the time cleaning and working to pray/memorize scripture/listen to sermons
– That I would love God, my family and the kids here more than ever


7 thoughts on “changes and prayer requests

  1. Wow! Missy just reading your new list makes me tired. You really have a gift for organizing and looks like you’ve been found out! I could never get all that done but I know that you, with the Lord’s help, will do a beautiful job.
    Lots of Love, Grandma Joy

    • Thank you Grandma! I am enjoying working out of the office even if it is way more hours. I know it will even out in a few months. I will post soon with the progress working with the boys on cleaning their dorm. 🙂

  2. Missy,
    I am going to pray for more help at the Ranch!! That’s a lot of work and I agree with your Grandma……”your list makes me tired”! Love, Gail

    This is what I am praying for me and my attitudes and from your prayer requests, I will pray this for you…:) James 3:17 “The wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiallity and without hypocrisy.”

    • Gail, Thank you so much for your prayers. I need them more than anything else!!!! Thank you so much for telling me what you are praying…my mom has done that from time to time and it is such a blessing!

  3. Missy…I think of you all the time and pray for you often. Thank you so much for doing the work God has called you to, and not putting your preferences first. I know that Jesus is so pleased by all that you are doing!

  4. Hey Joy, Thanks so much for your prayers. I really need them. I can explain how much I love being here and God has been teaching me so much. I hope things are going well back in NC and can’t wait to get back for a visit. Maybe in the spring…here’s hoping.

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