food, dry ice and chillin’

We get a week off for Christmas break and I headed up to my grandparents with my family.  We went to visit my mom’s parents  in CO first. We have all been sick with colds, sore throats, etc. so we all really enjoyed the time to just relax.

My grandma always cooks WAY too much food and this trip was no exception. We all need to go on a diet after just two days here.

Our family has some weird traditions and for those of you who don’t know…my Dad likes to blow things up, which he started with my uncle and Grandpa when they blew up my Grandma’s gingerbread house as teenagers. Grandma planned ahead and had us build a house for the boys to blow up.

The boys were going to blow it up, but got so distracted using the dry ice to blow a hole in the pond and blow out the snow bank, that they completely forgot to blow it up. ooops….

We had a great couple of days getting to just hang out with Grandma and Grandpa as well as playing in the snow. Dad woke up sick this morning as we were planning to head out to my other grandparents, so we will see when we actually leave, but we are all looking forward to the next part of our trip as well.


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