prayers, dinner and fun

Last month we started a new prayer calendar for the kids of Rancho 3M.  Each of the leaders takes a group of kids that they prayer for that month and if possible tries to do something with them. I was a little late having my kids over, but last week I had over my group. We have a group of seven siblings here at the Ranch, three girls and four boys.  I didn’t know how it would go, since the boys can be hard to handle sometimes, but when I told them I was inviting them do dinner at my room, they were so excited and kept asking all day to make sure they were still invited.  Dinner was a little late, but we had a great time playing with lincoln logs and later played several board games together. It was so nice to have just a small group of kids and get to talk to them and talk about school and friends, etc. They had a blast and Candy Land was the biggest hit of the evening…after the ice cream of course. At the end of the night I explained that I had been praying for them especially the last month and then had a chance to pray for them individually before they went to bed. I even got the older boys to give me a hug before they left…there was some complaining, but I think deep down they really do want that affection because they hugged back really tight. I am excited to see what God does through these dinners and maybe even try to do more than one a month.

Please keep all of our kids in your prayers. Please pray that God would work even through our weaknesses to show them His love and faithfulness. We want each one of our kids to come to know God and to continue to know Him better with each passing day!

I forgot to take pictures that night but here are a couple pictures of the kids. Girls: Perla, Rubi, Estrella

Boys: Jose, Daniel, Angel and Joni


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