Last night it started snowing. I thought it was just a few flakes that would melt on contact, but when I left the kitchen to go back to the dorm…the whole ranch was covered in white. It was so pretty and in a random act of photography, I actually grabbed my camera and went out to shoot some night snow pictures.  I don’t think I have taken pictures that weren’t of the kids for some event in years.  They didn’t come out perfect, but the street lights created a pretty light and so Valeria Norma and I went traipsing around in the dark. I fell on my rear end once and the dog caught us by surprise and I think we woke up the director’s family…but it was a fun little adventure.

The next morning we took all the kids out to play in the snow and they had a great time. They even made a make shift sled out of a piece of wood paneling and used it to slide the the mound of dirt out back.




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