I was hoping to get a little extra sleep this morning, but the girls were up and disobeying by 7:10. I wish I could say that was still sleeping in for me, but I guess that is an area I still need to work on.  About 10am I got a call from the director that the group from Tularosa, NM was coming in to bring some Christmas presents and we needed to have everyone outside in less than an hour.  So, we rushed through our morning chores and tried to get everyone showered and looking pretty before they arrived. The gave our presents after lunch and the rest of the afternoon has been a breeze since they kids are all excited to play with their new toys. No “i’m bored” today! (Pics of opening presents coming later…when I have unlimited internet at the library.

I have also wrapped most of my christmas presents and they look so pretty under my tree. A special thank you to all my girlfriends who participated in the exchange of Christmas ornaments for the last…who knows how many years. I not only have beautiful things to hang on my tree, but friends and memories to go along with them. A pretty tree is great, but one that reminds you of those you love is even better. (tree: $15 on clearance!!!!)

The dinner bell is ringing and the girls are rushing off to eat…I have about 20 minutes of quiet before they come back!

If you haven’t noticed…I am working on getting back in the habit of blogging! Since I am can’t seem to get a newsletter out more than once a year (current issue in progress) my new goal is to keep up this blog to let you all know what God is doing.  In the past years I was working mostly in the office and there are very few of you out there who would have any interest in know the weeks of work I put into reconciling all our mexican accounts and getting all the books back on track, etc.  But this past year I started working a little more with the girls and this coming year I am hoping it will be even more..maybe to the point of working only once a week in the office (an answer to years of prayer). Hopefully it will make for slightly more entertaining posts. I will also try to periodically post some pics and stories that I neglected to post last year.

Well enough rambling for now…I hope you all are having a great Christmas season. My church gave out a great Christmas Advent Guide from the Village Church. You can download it free here.


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