parades and dancing

Since moving down here three years ago, they have continued to cancel all city wide festivals and parades. This year, praise God for the decrease in violence, they have started them up again.  In the past couple months our school has participated in two parades and our school’s cultural dancing group was also invited to dance during the ceremonies.  Due to bad communication the kids missed actually marching in the first parade, but the dancing group was a HUGE hit. These pictures are from the first parade…I missed this last one.

Thank you all for your prayers for our safety here. God has been so good and none of the staff or children here were threatened and none of the children were even exposed to the violence that was going on in our little town.  As of last year, they stationed the military in the middle of town and things have calmed way down. We are so thankful to the Lord and pray for continued peace in our area!

I know I always have WAY too many pictures, but you should see them before I pair it down… Please enjoy the pictures of all our kindergartners dressed up in their Mexican outfits and the dancers preforming for the ceremony for the Mexican Revolution Day Parade.


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