Catching Perla

This video was made by Ryan Roehl. He was visiting with a group from his church and had a Nikon 90 somthing…I don’t know exactly, but it was beautiful and made me drule (figurativly of course). Anyways, he made this beautiful little video of one of my little girls here. It is a must see!

I am working on a new newsletter, but in true form for me…it is taking forever to get it out. I hope to get it out soon and to get a copy online also. I just saw this video and it was so inspiring…I want to make a video, but who knows when that will happen so you can just enjoy Ryans artful masterpiece instead. 🙂


One thought on “Catching Perla

  1. Hey Missy, a clever video clip & assume you might have been behind the camera!!! GOD BLESS you & family for your service to HIM – Grandpa

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