hectic and crazy, but good

Wow, coming back has been crazy. I returned from Guatamala a couple weeks ago and hit the ground running. I am still working on catching up with the finances and have been putting in long hours with all the numbers, but the work is paying off and I almost have everything back up to date. Just a couple more days and I will be back to just keeping up and not catching up.

I have been hanging out with the kids and trying to make up for lost time. The weather is REALLY hot, but the evenings aren’t too bad so we like to sit outside and talk or watch the kids play basketball or play tag or… we have fun!  I missed them so much while I was gone and it is good to be home!

We have nine interns and one more coming later this summer. I think that is a record…it’s a lot of interns! I have enjoyed getting to catch up with the ones I met last summer and getting to know the ones I don’t. We just had a small group here from Covenant Life church and it was sad to see them go this morning. Some of the people in that group have been here alot and I am enjoying having been here long enough to remember them from last summer. They were working on the baby house and got a lot of work done. I think they put in the electrical and … I don’t actually know what else. The interns have painted and stained everything and it looks really nice. The group that is here now is from Charlotte and they are going to be working on my parents house. Yeah!

I have to get going, but I will try to get a pic of the baby house and my parents house up to show some of the work when the group is finished.  Hasta luego


2 thoughts on “hectic and crazy, but good

  1. Glad to hear you’re home, safe and sound. Can’t tell you how badly I wish I was there right now with the Crossway team!! Love and miss you, Missy!

    • Hey Cait, I wish you could have come also. It would have been so fun to know someone on the team. I hope things are going well for you there in Charlotte. See Ya….eventually. 🙂

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