wow…that´s all I have to say

Well, I made it safe and sound. The view flying in was amazing. Guatamala, City is a maze of plateaus and valleys. The buildings are all set on top of the plateaus and then there is like a wild jungle popping up between them and the whole city is like that.

I arrived to find my whole family waiting for me at the airport and we had a great time catching up on the four hour ride back to San Pedro, Guatamala. The terain here is beautiful and we are in a little city tucked up against Lake Atitlan. There are little towns all around the city named after all the apostles from the bible. We drove through San Juan, and San Pablo on the way here.

The are has three volcanoes, two water valcanoes and one that erupted with lava long ago that actually caused the water to damm up and make the lake. The area is extremely poor, but everyone is very friendly. My family rented out all the rooms in a small 4 bedroom hostile and we are located right in the middle of town. It is a great little house (by our standards, most would not even want to live there) and we love it. It is very small and is built with a big whole in the roof that is only coverd with corrugated platic pannels. The rain comes in when it is particurlly windy, but the whole house is stuko and tile so you just mop up and keep going.

It is such an amazing cultural experience just walking around here. The streets wind up and down and are completely wall to wall little concrete houses and shops. I will try to see about getting some pictures uploaded as soon as possible. 🙂

I finished my first day of school and it went great. We were doing some review today, but after talking to the teacher I think we will make it through all the things I am wanting to learn. I am trying to do some catch up on all the extra irregular verbs I never learned and am excited to add to my vocabulary. I am also excited to get to help my family by talking to them in spanish…they are doing really well and I am so excited for them to have this opportunity. We are going to be a bi-lingual family.

gotta go…don’t know if or when I will be back on, but… adios y hasta luego


One thought on “wow…that´s all I have to say

  1. How cool! When I visited Guatemala in 2004, we spent a day at Lake Atitlan. We took a boat across the lake to visit some of the small villages on the other side. It’s pretty neat to be on that lake with volcanic mountains on all sides surrounding the lake! 🙂

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