san pedro, guatamala

For those of you who don’t know…My pareents and two youngest siblings will be moving here to Rancho 3M in the beginning of August. The will running getting the baby house up and running. (Right now the Ranch can only take children 5 and up).

At the moment they are in Guatamala studying spanish and here are the last couple of updates they sent out…for anyone who hasn’t gotten them.


Well, San Pedro is very beautiful.   I wish you could all be here.  The town is very poor but the people are extremely friendly, warm and happy.  We actually feel very at home here.   Even Ben, he really likes it here and feels very at home. (which is a big answer to prayer)  The school is great!  The family who runs it is so nice.  We eat lunch with them every day.  The first couple of days we just walked around town and tried to find our way around.  On Sunday we took a test to see how much spanish we knew and then later we got to meet our teachers.  We all really like them alot.  Mark’s teacher’s name is Chema,  His family owns the school and does most of the organizing of the students.  He is really nice and Mark likes him alot.   Mark is doing well with his spanish and has improved alot in just a week.  But he is feeling a little overwhelmed with all the stuff there is to remember.  But he is doing great and studying alot!  My teacher’s name is Juanita.  She is a pretty experienced teacher and is great.  She is married and has a 3 year old daughter.  She goes to an evangelical church at the top of the hill.  She has invited us to go to church sunday evening with her’   My spanish is going well and has improved alot already.  Abbey’s teachers name is mildred .  She is in her early twenties and her and Abbey get along really well.  She just got married two months ago.  Abbey’ was already way ahead of all of us with her spanish but has learned alot more.  She has been a big help in communicating here.  Ben’s teacher’s name is Pedro.  He is in his early twenties also and is a bit quiet but he and Ben seem to be doing well.  Ben is learning a whole lot too.  It is really amazing what just being forced to learn and speak can do.  But as they say here Poco y Poco.  (little by little)   Last night they had all the students (which right now is only us and one other guy from Arizona actually).  and the teachers to the school to make tamales together.  It was really fun.   We took some pictures, we will try to get them on the blog.
Most afternoons Mark and Abbey & Ben have been going swimming in the lake.  They really enjoy it.  I either sit and watch or study & do my homework.   I got sick before we left and am still coughing pretty bad.  But I am alot better than I was.  Marta, the mother here gave me some tea made from some roots.  (I can’t remember the name)  It made me cough till I thought I would go crazy but by the next morning I was a ton better.  Almost everyday we walk into to town to buy some food etc.  It is very hilly here so walking around is alot of work.  But now we found the foot paths that everyone takes to get into town, docks etc down by the lake and that is much faster and easier.  Food, especially fruits and vegetables are really cheap so we have been eating alot of fruit and bread.  You can get a pineapple for 50 Quetzales which is about 65 cents and they taste like candy.
The bungalow they put us in is the one they just built.  The other one had someone in it.  This one is a little more expensive but it is nicer.  Each room has a bathroom and our room has a stove.  And they said they would bring a small refrigerator soon.  It works very well for us.
We can only get the internet up by the office on the patio so it is a little hard to send email very often. We try to atleast check it almost every day.   We have alot of studying everyday during the week so we aren’t always able to get up to the office to do much.
Anyway I could go on and on but I have to get going.  We miss you all so much and love you alot.   We are praying that things are going really well.
We love you !!
Dad, Mom Abbey and Ben
Second Update
Hola from San Pedro, Guatemala

The Schlax´s are doing well.  Thankyou so much for your prayers.  We are definately seeing God´s grace in many ways but especially in cramming so much spanish into our brains. (even the old ones).  We have actually learned quite a bit in the short time that we have been here

Life here is simple, eat, sleep and study spanish.  The weather is really hard to take though.  It got so cold once that Mark had to put on a long sleeve t-shirt with his shorts and flip-flops.  In the heat of the day it can reach 75 degrees.  But the extreme weather is good for studying (ha-ha)

Our school is right on the lake so we are able to swim in the afternoon as well as do laundry and play frisbee with all the local kids as they bathe in the lake.  Almost everything is done in the lake here!!  The people here are very warm and friendly.  And by God´s grace we are fitting in very comfortably in our new surroundings. 

Mark has remodeled our little kitchen twice already.  The small stove and baskets work very nicely in the corner of our room.  We eat lunch with the family that runs the school, but breakfast and dinner and Sunday meals we are on our own.  Fresh fruits and vegetables are abundant in the open market.  Which consists of many locals setting up stands in the streets at the center of town.  We are amazed at how well we are doing on a mainly vegetarian diet. 🙂   I know it is hard to imagine, but with God, all things are possible.

Our computer broke our first week here but we will try to keep you updated as much as possible.   We can periodically check and send emails.

Your love and prayers are definately being felt and we miss you all.  We haven´t found a good Sovereign Grace Church here yet but we will keep looking.  🙂

Please pray that our time here would be fruitful and glorifying to God.

In Christ,

The Schlax family

p.s.  We were able to attend a mayan-catholic celebration here.  It was to pray for the lake.  It was quite interesting, dancing and burning incense and not quite sure what else.


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