Catching Up…

6387_125600726511_506356511_2918810_5510587_nLast time I posted was before I went on to visit to the mountains. I kept thinking I would get the pictures up before I posted and therefore again kept waiting and waiting and… you get the idea.  Well, I am having some issues with my photo site, so I am going to post without them.

The trip was amazing and when I


got back I had tons of stories I wanted to post on here, but my photo site is having problems so I will just tell you a little now and if I ever get the pictures up, I will post more.  The trip was a ton of fun. We stayed in small cabins tucked right up next to a a small mountain.

9118_125623576511_506356511_2919384_5599817_nThe town, which we could walk to from the camp, was filled with tourist shops full of fun toys and souvineers and we spent alot of time in town just walking the streets and enjoying the culture.  We had several days with a tour guide who took us up through the mountains to the native cliff dwellings, up to copper canyon 9118_125623481511_506356511_2919370_5694183_n(wow, the view was amazing), on a several mile hike down (and back up…that was the killer) to a hot spring, and to this amazing water fall that a few of us returned to and went swimming…it was really cold, but so worth it.  We were also so blessed to have one of the pastors from the church in Juarez do teaching for us everymorning from the book “The Dangerous Duty of Delight” by John Piper. I didn’t understand much of what he was saying, but I was so blessed by reading the book.  So, that was that…in a nut shell.

Oh, I just realized I do have these pictures in facebook, so you can click this link to see some of these pictures.  Creel Photos

8327_125654716511_506356511_2919956_6799009_nAfter returning back I actually still had a few days off so my parents flew me home and I had a great time with my family.  I got to meet my friends new son Benjamin and also got to go bowling with my family. This is a new past time for them and they have even joined a league.  Here are the pictures from my trip home.

After returning from home the summer interns left and Callan and Flash arrived.  IMG_4027Callan and I have kept in touch since we met here several years ago and she is going to be here for the school year teaching English.  It is kind of neat how the Lord works things out because when we met here years ago we talked about how neat it would be to work here together some time and now we actually are.  The Lord is so good.  Flash was has been here since last fall and went home for the summer to work, he is teaching computer class and does a lot of cooking and other chores. IMG_4050They have both been a huge blessing to me and are a daily encouragement to me in my spiritual walk with the Lord.

I have also been praying since coming here that the Lord would open doors for more personal ministry with the girls I live with here.  There are now 22 girls in our dorm and the Lord in His faithfulness has started opening up several of them to really want to study and read their bibles.  There are about four of five firls who like to come in with their bibles and notebooks and just want to show me what they have been reading and ask questions.  Please pray that the Lord would give me grace in knowing how to direct these time and verses to give them to encourage them and covict their hearts.  I would also appreciate prayer in trying to get to know the older girls better. We only have three here, but they have been much harder to reach out to.  We get along great, but just can’t seem to really get down to anything deeper and really important.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and interst in what the Lord is doing here. I am so blessed by my friends and family who keep my in their thoughts and prayers.  Dios te bendiga.


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