bus trouble…

A couple weeks ago we were all piled into the bus ready to go to church in Juarez and the bus wouldn’t start.  One of the kids had been playing in there and turned several things on and drained the battery.  I am not sure exactly what they did, but they eventually got the bus going and Matthew took us all on a trip just to recharge the batter.  We ended up in the tiny little town called Membre. Unfortunately the road was a dead end and we had to try to turn the bus around without running over the dog or the donkey or the fence or the little shack house on the side of the road…it was a funny little adventure.  We never did make it to Juarez, but came back to the Ranch for church.  After church we all went to the town square to the lunch we had packed for the trip back from Juarez.  It was fun just hanging out with the kids and eating hot dogs.


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