adventures in Juarez


A few weeks ago the interns and I went to Juarez after chuch to visit the market and have lunch.  The night before Anthony and I asked Teo for directions and after 30 minutes we walked away with a two page hand drawn map, a mexican cell phone and 30 minutes of verbal directions from both Teo and Lety.  Well, we missed the first main turn and ended up lost for 45 minutes.  We were just around the corner from where we wanted to be, but couldn’t quite seem to find it.  When we finally went back to the beginning and found the turn we missed we kept laughing because we drove by all the streets we had already been on and were literally right around the corner from where we wanted to be.  But,  we eventually found it and had a nice lunch and a fun time shopping around the market.



David’s goal for the day was to get a good picture of one of the military trucks driving around…he got LOTS of pictures of trucks.  I don’t think his mom is going to appreciate it all that much when he comes home with only pictures of mountains and the military.



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