al berca†

The girls have been begging us to take them to the pool this summer and so we got a date arranged with Dean and started making plans.  We were going to be gone all day, so I had to take lunch also.  I started asking what we should bring…thinking burritos or sandwiches or something and ended up cooking tacos and rice.  I stayed up till almost 11 the night before cooking it all up and then we had to take charcoal and pots to cook it over the BBQ.  It was a lot of work, but the food was good and I think I won extra points for doing things the Mexican way.  Lety told me I cook good enough to marry a Mexican guy. 🙂

So we had a great day playing in the water, eating lots of food and getting sun burned…especially Sarah and I…the only white girls at the pool.  But I learned my lesson and will be much more diligent in the future with the sun screen.
I didn’t take any pictures…but here are the ones from Sarah’s camera.


One thought on “al berca†

  1. Dear Missy,
    I enjoyed catching up with all your adventures…with the bus, home group party, getting lost and pool picnic. Great job on the taco picnic…especially all your hard work preparing it! It’s not like you can swing into a fast food restruant. Do they eat peanut butter sandwiches?! Too bad if they don’t!
    I got to help out pricing things for the Mexico yard sale Friday, even though none of us are going. They needed lots of help and I found some deals,too. (Andrew and Philip are setting up housekeeping…separately….and I found some good kitchen items for them). And, of course, I got some books and a toy for Audrey! On Saturday, I took our Ford Explorer to park near the sale, praying for a buyer, and it looks like we have someone who saw it and called today! We have 2 vehicles that need to be replaced with one good one!
    Saying goodbye to the Butt’s and the Yont’s this week (at least Rich; he got a job in San Diego). The rest of the family will follow in 4-6 months, when Jordan is released from the doctor….he had back surgery.
    Well, got to run. Lots of love and prayers for you and God’s protection on all at the ranch,

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