catching up…

Juarez: The Ranch takes all the kids into the Sovereign Grace church in Juarez the first Sunday of every month. For various reasons we haven’t been able to go the past couple months so this was my first time going with the Ranch.  We all loaded into the school bus for the 45 minute drive into town. The message was on “Taming the toungue” from 1 Peter and they talked a lot about gossip. I got the general idea, but didn’t understand as much as I would have liked. The bus ride was fun and we also stoped at the park to take this picture that Matthew wants to send out with the quote below.

“Keep looking up, Christ is coming soon.” – Matthew Dwinells

Car Problems: My car started overheating over a week ago and Ithink today I am finally going to break down and let a mechanic look at it.  It is probably something small, and Anthony, one of the new interns, tried his best to help me.  It was kind of funny with the both of us talking to our dads, who know more about cars, and then trying to find/do what they recommended. Teo said we should read the book humility…C.J. has a part in there about people who try to look like then know what they are doing and just stand around poking under the hood.

Meet the Interns: For the summer we have three new interns working here.  Sarah is from Tennessee and we actually met online last year and have been keeping in touch, so it was fun to get to meet her in person.  David is also from Tennessee and I just learned the other day that he actually got saved here at the Ranch.  Anthony is from Louisiana. It has been a lot of fun to have them around.

ok, so I never got the picture…and I don’t want to keep waiting to put this up, so I will try to get it in the next post.  🙂

New Art: A few weeks back Jesus, one of the little boys here, gave me his art project from school and it is now my main piece of art in my living room.  I thought you all might enjoy it.



My Room: Oh, and I just realized that I never put up pics of my room.  These are old, and I have moved a few things around, but you get the general idea.  I am so blessed!





Here are the pictures from the trip to Juarez and playing at the park.  Enjoy!


One thought on “catching up…

  1. Thanks for the update Missy! I loved seeing the pictures, there is so much joy in them. I’ll be praying that an easy fix for your car is on the way. Miss you so much!
    -Vicki Larraz

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