try, try again

Ok, so for those of you who have been wondering where I was…I have tried to write this post several times already and every time I get it almost finished…something goes wrong on the internet and I loose everything I have written.  So this will just be a short recap because I don’t have much time, but I did put up a bunch of pictures.  🙂

So, several weeks ago we received 50 brand new bikes for the kids here.  We built them and gave them to the kids on, of all days, “Dia de Nino” or Kids day.  It was like Chrstmas in summer, we had moon bounce, relay games, presents, and special food.  Oh, and I ate menudo…it is some sort of cow intestine or something.  The flavor was ok, but the texture…I can’t even describe how disgusting that it was. Anyways, if you have time to look at the pictures…it was lots of fun.

Also, another encouraging story for me…this is the short version…I had made plans and paid to go to the NEXT conference when things came up and I had to cancel my plans.  I was dissapointed, but really experienced the peace and excitment of the Lord for whatever His plans were.  I knew if He wanted me to go, He would work it out.  Well, on Sunday, he worked it all out and one of the couples here is helping me financially to be able to go.  This is the short story, but God answered specific prayers and really used this experience to build my faith and encourage me.  So, I hope to see some of you this weekend!

Ok, here are the pictures and I will try to keep up better in the coming weeks.

Building Bikes
Dia del Nino


One thought on “try, try again

  1. Oh hurray! I’m so excited to see you this weekend, Missy! I, too, was disappointed that you couldn’t come but prayed that God would give you peace and trust. He is so kind!

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