computers, a new office y jalepeños


(This was written on Friday) I am writing this while sitting in the school computer lab. Last night I found out I was “teaching” la clase de computacion this morning. Basically I am just babysitting and problem solving as the kids open and close every possible random file on the computers. I have learned some new phrases this morning and the one I have heard the most is “no sirve”, “it doesn’t work.” I just finished with the 1-2 grade classes and now have the 4th grade class…they seem to know their way around pretty well…at least the games anyways.


The new office is being dry walled today and it looks like they may even get it painted before they leave. It was so fun to watch as a couple adults and a large group of teens put up the entire building in one week. The kids really seemed to enjoy learning the construction tasks and they are so excited to see it actually finished before they leave.


The group here this week is from the church in Fairfax, VA. Every afternoon this week the staff have been blessed to have Mark Mullery and Steve Witaker teaching classes and doing Q&A. I am not usually good about referencing my notes from teachings, but this week I have gone back to my notes and the scriptures they taught on repeatedly. During my short time here I have discovered how much I took all the great teaching at home for granted. I have always enjoyed it in the past, but now it is so much more of a treasure to me. The Lord has been so faithful to bring teaching into my life just before or as I need it and has given me much grace in being able to come to Him for every new situation I encounter.

This week the boys/men here challenged the American group to a football game (soccer) and it was a big event. We all went out to cheer them on and yes…they won. Later that night I tried playing with Leydi and a few of the kids…I think I need some practice. It was fun thought and I have actually found that I enjoy the sports more and more. (wonders never cease)

Hmmmm….what else. Oh, I tried Jalepeños for the first time and believe it or not…I liked them. When we were here with our group I always thought it was funny that the kids put them on ther burgers, pizza, and pretty much everything else, but it is really good. So far I have put them in soup, quesadillas and a hamburger…¡que rico! I still haven’t tried the chili powder on fruit or candy, but seeing as I have time, I think I will spread these things out.

Ok, so since writing the above…Hermana Luz bought me a chili lollypop…they are not smooth like regular ones, but gritty because there is chili powder through the whole thing. It wasn’t too bad till I got to the middle and it was full of chili powder. I think I like tootsie pops better. 🙂

This past Sunday I stayed at the Ranch to help Teo and Lety with guard for the day and I was very excited that I not only understood most of the message, but even took notes in Spanish. I thought it was funny that the little girl next to me was copying my notes…I hope they were correct!

Also yesterday afternoon, the Lord reminded me of his gracious provision when the food left over from the previous team was divided between all the “liders.” (I still have a hard time remembering that I am really staff here and not just a visitor.) I was so blessed to find among the items I received were all the things I had put back when I was at the store the day before. The exact items and also a small stock of fun snack food I can keep around for when I have the kids over. It is a small thing, but a HUGE reminder to me that the Lord knows all my needs and is faithful to provide even more than I would think to ask for.


7 thoughts on “computers, a new office y jalepeños

  1. Wow ! Missy, the computer teacher. I am sure it was a lot of fun. It’s great to read your updates. Your office looks great! We miss you!! We love you lots and we are praying for you every day. Everyone says Hi !!

  2. Enjoyed your comments, and hope you enjoy the hot food! A computer teacher? Can you teach an old dog new tricks? The Lord is so faithful to us and may he increase your vocabulary. The news is heavy with the swine flu problem from Mexico and hope you avoid contact. Love Grandpa

  3. Thank you for the update. When I woke up this morning, I was thinking of you and wondering how things were going. May you see many evidences of God’s continued faithfulness, care and comfort in your “home away from home”! Love and prayers, Gail

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