vacations, wisconsin, and pig fat


I was so blessed to be able to go home last week. Silas is already talking so much more, but refuses to talk to me on the phone. Evalyn has grown like two inches and blabbers and coos all the time.  I also got to attend one of our singles meetings and was very blessed by Phil’s teaching on pursuing and giving discipleship.  (Now I just have to follow through with it.)  It was also a blessing to attend the Ressurrection Sunday service and get to hear Jermaine’s rap version of “Where you there”.

A group from Wisconsin arrived Monday afternoon and have been doing a day camp with the kids all week.  The kids loved it and it was also a blessing to the staff because we didn’t have to watch them all week while they were out of school.  Last night I walked up to the cross with their group and was very blessed as some of their you shared testimonies of what God is doing in their lives.  There were also a group of young people here from the Juarez church who were translating for the group and it was a blessing to get to know them a little also.  Now at least I will know someone when we visit the Juarez church.  The Wisconsin group leave this afternoon and the Fairfax group is coming in before they leave and the whole ranch and both groups and  going to have a big hot dog lunch…sounds  crazy, but I am sure it will be fun.

Before I went home I had the girls over one night and they brought the snacks. It was some sort of spicy chips with hot sauce, lime juice and raw pig fat cut up on top.  Yes, I did try it and no, it wasn’t totally disgusting, but definantly not something I would ever choose to eat.  The kids here love chili and even buy their lolly pops with packets of chili powder to dip it in.  (Chili here is basically anything that adds hot spice to food, but comes in hundreds of different forms.)


One thought on “vacations, wisconsin, and pig fat

  1. I drew the line at the pig fat. It just looks gross, so I wouldn’t eat it, but I did eat cow’s intestines which were pretty good and cactus which I liked except that it squeaks on my teeth and I couldn’t get past that! 🙂 I still eat chili on a lot of things, even watermelon!!!! Cultural experiences are wonderful aren’t they! 🙂 Have a wonderful day Missy!

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