cultural differences and wars for independance

This past week was full of new adventures and projects. I had several opportunities to hang out with people from the El Paso church and have noticed several “cultural” differences. One…there is a lot of hugging.  Hugs hello and hugs goodbye and hugs sometimes just because.  I have to admit that it is taking some getting used to. Also, the singles play a lot of sports…literally, this is what they do every Sunday afternoon.  Basketball, volleyball, dodge ball, kick ball. Last week they played kick ball and it was a pretty laid back game so I played and even made it around the bases once and caught the ball once.  For those of you who know me…you can just imagine.  These coming summer months may be a growing experience for me.

Speaking of growing experiences.  Yesterday evening Leydi asked me if I would come to her 6th grade class this morning and talk about our war for independence…in Spanish…and she already told her class I would come.  I studied all afternoon and evening yesterday and this morning and all things considered it went pretty well…all things being the fact that I don’t really speak Spanish and had to borrow a history book to remember what actually happened.  haha…and then Leydi had the bright idea of putting the whole thing on video.  🙂  No, you can’t see it. Any history buff would probably be appalled at all the details I had to leave out to fit the story in my vocabulary, but I think they got the main idea…except the Boston Tea Party…they didn’t really get that.

Anyways, I found out last week that the whole Ranch is on vacation next week and my parents are going to fly me more for a visit. I can’t wait to see everyone and give Silas and Evalyn so many hugs and kisses they will be happy to see me leave.  🙂


2 thoughts on “cultural differences and wars for independance

  1. I’m sure mom and dad will be happy to fly you more for for a visit.
    Hey Missy this is Ben cant wait to see you.

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