the gifts we receive…


Yup, that is a dead mouse…


4 thoughts on “the gifts we receive…

  1. Missy,
    At least a mouse is small!!! For several days we have heard scurrying noises inside our air vents in 3 rooms. We took the grill off one in the dining room and waited quietly. A squirrel poked his head up at one point then ran away! We bought a cage-type trap, put food in it and closed in an area around the vent opening. This morning at 6:45 we heard the door snap shut and we got a big squirrel. We let him go outside in a neighbor’s yard and thought we were done. Well, at noon, the noises were back and we caught another one. At 7pm another one climbed out on top of the trap and jumped the barriers and was running around our house! We chased him out the door and he almost got caught by our cat, Rusty, who saw him coming. We discovered through much searching under the house, the basement and in the second floor attic that they are coming in behind a gutter where there is a gap in the eves. They must come down a wall into the openings for the air ducts. In old houses like ours, the a/c ducts only go up the wall half way to the second floors. Much of the air never reaches the vents upstairs because it is lost between the studs. We fixed the gap behind the gutter temporarily because it was dark out by then. Next time we catch one, we are going to put spray paint on his tail before we release him so we will know if it is the same one or not….then I guess we can name them!!!
    “May (God) give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed….May the Lord grant all your requests.” Ps.20:4,5
    Love, Gail

  2. This made me laugh today!!! I had plenty of experiences with rodents like that when I was in Mexico!!!! 🙂 Have a wonderful day Missy and may God strengthen you to accomplish all He wants you to do! 🙂

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