Another week at Rancho 3M

Life here at Rancho 3m  is much slower in many ways, but some how it still seems to be flying by.  My schedule has started to change over a little and I spend at least a few hours in the office every day.  I have also been doing some random projects with pictures and flyers etc.  I am going to pray for the Lord to provide a decent computer and some software in the coming months because I have been very frusterated at how long a simple project can take without a decent computer and software.  I am enjoying the office work though and have spent almost three days helping Lee convert the past 6 months of mexican bank satements into american dollars to enter into the system…talk about tedious data entry….

This past weekend I had my first real day off and spent the morning playing guitar with Lee and some of the boys and the the rest of the morning just talking with Lee. It has been such a blessing to get to know her and I have really enjoyed getting to spend time with her.  In the afternoon I hung out with some of the kids and a small group of Americans brought lots of good food and also 50 brand new bikes…but the border patroll wouldn’t let them bring the bikes across the border.  We are going to have to bring them over a couple at a time.  We may also have to have one of the teams put them together … wouldn’t that be a fun group to be in?  After the Americans left I had the two older girls over for ice cream (since they weren’t allowed to go to town and get some) and then spent the later part of the evening playing a game at Matthew and Lee’s apartment.

Sunday I had planned to go to church in El Paso, but Dean called early that morning to ask me to help Lety with guard that day for the girls.  So I got the girls up, they all showed me their pretty dresses and then they gathered around my computer to see pictures of our past trip here.  (This is one of their favorite past times.)  I enjoyed the service thought I didn’t understand it all and then was put in a small group to help the kids make a poster representing “integrity.”  That is hard enough in English, much less trying to explain it in Spanish…but we did the story of Joseph and it was a lot of fun.

I have been so thankful that learning Spanish has been even easier than I thought…I have learned so much just in the last couple weeks and while I am able to communicate most things, it is very frusterating not to be able to fully explain or carry on a “real” conversation.  It is a fun and humbling experince though and I am enjoying every minute of it.

Well, I don’t know if many of you will even make it to the end of this post and if you do you are probably looking for the pictuers.  Sorry!  It is hard when I have to use the office computer to post, but they will come… eventually!

Mom, I appologise if  my typos and spelling are terrible, but if I don’t post this now…it won’t go up.  Love You!


3 thoughts on “Another week at Rancho 3M

  1. I’m glad you are having a wonderful time, and growing in humility! Isn’t God kind to put us in situations that stretch us, and remind us of our need for Him. I am praying for you friend, and I look forward to hearing about what God will do in and through you. Oh, and I hope you get to go NEXT! Love – Mina (Hug Oscar and Jorge para mi…you can actually hug all my boys, but that might take a while ; )

  2. Hey Missy
    I have to say I did notice a few typos. (I tried not to!) 🙂 I am so glad things are going so well. We love you and miss you a lot. Tell everyone hi for us. We will talk to you soon!
    Love ya,

  3. Hey Missy,
    It was good to read your entry, and we continue to pray for you and hope your learning curve on the language, and know you have youth on your side! We send our love – Grandpa & Grandma

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