I’m Moving to Mexico


I have already talked to many of you, but for those of you who don’t know or just got part of the story…I would like to let you know what’s going on in my life.  Since the first time I went to the Rancho 3M orphanage in Guadalupe, Mexico (www.rancho3m.com) I have been praying that God would open the doors for me to live and work there.  I had already been wanting to work at an orphanage for years, but I also wanted to work with an organization that had a high value of the local church, spiritual growth and christian discipleship. After our church’s first service trip to Rancho 3M I knew I had found a place I would love to work, but I also knew that God was saying no to the timing.  Over the past four years I have been praying for the Lord to let me know when it was His timing. Several weeks ago God very specifically answered years of prayer and as good as “wrote it on the wall.”

Dean Adamek, the director of Rancho 3M, e-mailed asking if I would consider working in full-time ministry there at the Ranch. After prayer and counsel, my parents and I were in complete agreement  that this is what the Lord has for me and the timing was finally right. Over the past couple of weeks God has continued to give us complete peace that this is His leading.

What am I actually going to be doing?  Well officially I will be living in the girls dorm as the “dorm mother”, working in the Ranch office and random tasks as Ranch staff.  Unofficially, I pretty much expect this to mean whatever needs doing at the moment.  Dean’s favorite saying is “be flexible” and I know from past experience that life at the Ranch puts that to the test every day.  I hope to have many opportunities to invest in discipleship of the girls and simply showing them God’s love through discipline and affection.  Though I feel completely inadequate for this task, I thank God that he works through our weaknesses and is not limited by my human, sinful shortcomings. I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do and I am blessed to be used as a tool in His hands.

Another answer to prayer is that I will be able to attend the Sovereign Grace Church in El Paso, Texas. I have been working on my spanish for a couple years now, but am so far from fluent that I am very blessed to be able to get involved at an English speaking church.

Many of you have already been praying for me for years, but I continue to covet your prayers and encouragement.  Even though this is a dream come true for me, I also know that it will be a time of growth and sanctification as I walk through the many joys and hard times inevitable in the coming year.  I would like to ask for your prayers as I prepare to leave and over the next year while I am down in Mexico.  Here are a few things I would love you to keep in prayer.

– Growing in my love and passion for God
– Humility to seek out and receive input and correction
– Wisdom in how to love and disciple the children
– Grace for patience and gentleness when I am tired/sick (which is inevitable)
– Health and Safety (especially when traveling in Mexico)

I will be keeping a blog to keep in touch and let everyone know what the Lord is doing in my life and at Rancho 3M and will also still have access to my e-mail so I hope to keep in touch while I am away.

Blog: www.melissajoy.wordpress.com
E-mail: mschlax(at)gmail(dot)com
Facebook: Melissa Joy

This has come up pretty quickly and my family and I will be leaving to drive to Mexico on Thursday, February 26. Yikes…that’s so soon.

If you have any questions or would like to talk to me about any of this please feel free to contact me.  I would love to share my heart for this if you would like to know more. I will be raising some support and have posted that information at the link at the top of the page “contact/support.”


2 thoughts on “I’m Moving to Mexico

  1. I am not sure if you will remember me, but I lived at Rancho 3M for 2 1/2 years and met you several times when your group came to visit. Since I have lived there myself, I know the joys and difficulties of daily life there, and I will be praying for you as you begin this new endeavor.

    I might be in Juarez myself sometime in June to visit my boyfriend and his family, so hopefully I will get to pop by the Ranch and see you as well.

    God’s blessings,

  2. You are special in GOd’S sight as well as ours, and we pray for you daily and for his guidance in this new work. Thank you for keeping the pictures on line so we can keep up with the family.
    God bless you Missy.
    Grandpa & Grandma

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