Catching up…

Ok, I know it has been forever since I last posted and I have several galleries of pictures to share. I don’t have time to post on each one separately, so I will just put up links to all of them and hope they are fairly self explanatory. Now I am caught up and can post Christmas and Wedding pictures as they become available.

Back in early November, I went with Nick and Ashley to visit Ashley’s family in New Jersey.  We had a couple days to hang out with her family and we also went to a bridal shower hosted by her best friend (also named Ashley).

Trip to New Jersey – All Pictures

On thanks giving we had the whole family together. Ashley’s family was out of town so we even got to keep her for the whole day. Mom and Dad made up a turkey/photo hunt and sent us into down town Pittsboro and then out into the woods to hunt down our turkey.  Dad also made up a picture treasure hunt for Silas and with jelly beans as incentive he actually followed the pictures around the house till he found his treasure.  He was so cute!  The day after we picked out our Christmas tree and decorated the house for the holidays.  It always looks so pretty at Christmas.

Thanksgiving Weekend – All Pictures

Here are a few other pictures from a couple months back when we were hanging out at John and Deana’s.

This was our source of entertainment for the evening.
And last but not least, Silas can now calls me Mimi instead of Pipi. Which brings me much joy.  Here he is saying everyones names…it is so cute.


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