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I have gotten behind on posting lately…my desktop was piled with my “to be posted” folders. Grandpa and Grandma…I hope you enjoy the pics and videos. I have been trying to keep up better with family events now that you are reading my blog. I hope it is a blessing to you…the rest of you who still read this, you just get an extra dose of my personal life.

Grandpa Ron…Ben just finished texturizing and painting his room. He doesn’t have it all cleaned up yet, so I have to wait to take a picture.

Life is pretty much the same as it has been. I am still working at the church and recently started up my photography business again. I have a couple photo shoots this weekend (including John, Deana and Silas) so check my business site in a couple weeks to see the new pics. (

Our pastor asked us to read a book on Christ’s Atonement over the summer and I have been working my way through “In My Place Condemned He Stood” by J.I. Packer and Mark Dever. It has not been the easiest book to read, but is an always needed of what Christ did for us on the cross.

“The basic description of the saving death of Christ in the Bible is as a propitiation, that is, as that which quenched God’s wrath against us by obliterating our sins from his sight. God’s wrath is his righteousness reacting against unrighteousness; it shows itself in retributive justice. But Jesus Christ has shielded us from the night-mare prospect of retributive justice by becoming our representative substitute, in obedience to his Father’s will, and receiving the wages of our sin in our place.” – J.I. Packer

Praise the Lord that Christ has taken our place…that he took our sins upon himself and suffered the wrath of God for our sins. I know that I don’t and may never fully appreciate the fullness of His sacrifice, but I pray that the Lord would continue to reveal it to me.

I also wanted to put up lyrics to a new song that we started singing at church, but since I am currently swapping batteries between my mouse and keyboard to finish this post…I think it will have to wait till later.


One thought on “Multiple posts

  1. Missy, we sure appreciate your blogs anb video updates for us. Grandma wanted a picture of Silas and hope I can get one for her. Love, Grandpa Ron

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