July 3 & 5

On Thursday night we met up with some friends from church to watch the Garner firework show and symphony orchestra. We brought lots of food and games and had a great time just hanging out. I didn’t take many pictures till it started getting dark and the kids got out a bunch of glow sticks. I took way too many pictures of the dancing lights. It was fun and they made really cool effects. I didn’t upload all of them or all the firework pictures…but a few is always fun.

On Saturday, we had our family celebration. We made shish kabobs, pita bread, rice and grilled corn. The kabobs and pitas were both a new experiment for us and they came out great. We also made blue mint choc. chip ice cream in honor of the day. Next year we plan to make it more blue and also add whip cream and cherries (red, white and blue) to make a truly patriotic desert. We spent the day cooking and playing games  and just enjoying the general merriment

For all the July Celebration pictures…click here.


2 thoughts on “July 3 & 5

  1. Man! I wish I would have known you guys where at the Garner celebrtion! I would have been there. It’s like two seconds from my house! Oh well, looks like you had fun anyways. 🙂

  2. Missipeepee,

    I finally had a morning to just sit and read blogs. Thanks for updating- I really enjoyed hearing about ya’lls lives and seeing the pictures..I miss you.

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