When I was in Hungary I got these really cool tube pastries…they were a lot like a pretzel, but were cooked on a fat wooden dowel over open coals. My parents either had them once also or just liked the idea so a couple months back we decided to try our hand at making “kurtoskalács”. It was an interesting experiment as we didn’t have any of the necessary items to cook these little treats, but you know my dad… In McGyver fashion he soon had the barbque rigged to cook these tube pretzels. Of course our dowels were way to small and instead of open coals we were using a propane grill, but you start with what you have. We went online and after a little research and metric conversions we made our own version of the kurtoskalács dough. Though they were not nearly as good as the ones from Hungary it made for a fun family evening and who knows…maybe someday we will start selling them at the state fair or something. 🙂
Here are a few pictures from our little adventure…

This video is from a Hungarian cooking show, but even though most of you won’t understand …any of it, you can still get the idea of how they are made and why I think they are so much fun.


3 thoughts on “Kurtoskalács

  1. I remember those!
    You and me and Solomon all decided that they would be a great thing to take back home and sell at the state fair. Wow….that was ages ago!
    Looks like you guys had fun =D

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