Abbey’s Piano Recital

My apologies for procrastinating on getting these videos up. Grandpa…I know you will enjoy this!

My younger sister Abbey had her first piano recital a couple weeks ago. She has been playing for about a year or so. I am honored to have been her first piano teacher, though it was only for a few lessons. She is now taking lessons from a lady in our church…this recital was a joint recital with her students and her daughter’s students. Abbey started “real” lessons only a few months ago and has advanced rapidly since. For the recital she played the “Moonlight Sonata”…a piece that we worked on together in the beginning, but I hadn’t ever heard her play the whole thing. She did great and also performed a duet with a friend of hers from church.

I hope you enjoy the videos!


2 thoughts on “Abbey’s Piano Recital

  1. I am very proud of your progress Abbet. Wasn’t aware that you were playing – keep up the great work!

  2. Hey Abbey,
    I just discovered this video and was so excited to hear you playing the piano. You are doing great. Keep playing – you will enjoy it all your life.
    Love, Grandma

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