Resurrection Day

Yesterday was Easter…or as my pastor prefers we call it…Ressurection Day. We had a beautiful Sunday service with a special choir and a time of worship reflecting on not only what Christ accomplished through His death, but also the hope we have through his resurrection. After Phil taught on faith and how we are saved by grace alone and not on works, we closed with the song “Jesus, Hope of the Nations.” It was such a great reminder that the resurrection was not just an event in history but an ever present reality in our daily lives as we remember that Christ rose from the dead an is “the hope living in us…”

In history You lived and died
You broke the chains You rose to life

You are the hope living in us
You are the rock in whom we trust
You are the light shining for all the world to see
You rose from the dead conquering fear
Our Prince of Peace drawing us near
Jesus our hope living for all who will receive
Lord we believe

After church we returned home with an entourage of family and friends for a fun time of food and fellowship. You can see all my pictures here.

Grandma Burton brought some eggs for Silas to have his first Easter egg hunt. He didn’t really get the point and enjoyed taking the eggs our of the basket more than putting them in.

img_0233.jpg img_0227.jpg

After LOTS of good food…we played some games. Ben and Anne Elizabeth took up their ongoing Jena tournament. Anne Elizabeth lost…again.



ohhh…and the news paper game…

We ended the evening with roasting marshmallows and a time of singing praise and worship songs around the camp fire. It was the perfect end to a great day. I also had alot of fun playing with my new little camera and the fire sparks…see my website for all the pictures.



3 thoughts on “Resurrection Day

  1. Missy, that was indeed a great time, with delicious food and fun games. Poor Anne Elisabeth 😦 Your pictures of Silas, Lydia and us all are very much appreciated, as usual. You always capture us in ways that make me so very glad to see the snapshots of our brief time here on earth. Thank you for all that you do!

  2. I will not always lose! One of these days victory will be mine, and Ben’s reign of terror will come to a crashing end . . . .

  3. szia Missy:-)

    thanks so much for your comment. it means a lot! hope you’re doing good!
    love;-) (by the way, you spelled the hungrian correctly. grats!)

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