South of the border and back…


I know, I know…I keep saying I am actually going to keep this up. I do intend to, but good intentions don’t always end up in actions.

Well, for now…we just got back from Rancho 3M in Guadalupe, Mexico from our church’s fourth annual service trip to the orphanage down there. The Lord really blessed our trip this year and met us ( at least I don’t think it was just me) in a much more personal way than previous years. God really used the men who were leading our devotional times in the morning and evening and our times of prayers for the children at the ranch, and the evening we spent praying for the Holy Spirit to work in our group and the Ranch were highlights for my week there.

There is no way to actually really share my experience while I was there, but I will at least try to share a few things. Over the years, I have had the blessing of organizing a game time for the younger kids at the Ranch and after several years of going back the kids now know who I am. As soon as I arrived I could hear little voices “Mississippi”, “Mississippi” (my “other” nickname) and you can’t know how those voices make my heart sing. Also, because i am usually involved in the game time, I have not had much chance to get to know the older kids at the Ranch. This year, during the week prior to the team coming down, my mom taught a cake decorating class with the older girls. We had so much fun and it was a great time of getting to know the girls a little better. I was also blessed to be helping Dean and Denise ( the Ranch director and his wife) work on a promo slide show to send to some churches. Because they needed a lot of specific pictures, I was able to talk to people and go in places we usually don’t get a lot of exposure to. One night I got to take pictures of all the little girls getting ready for bed and was able to hug and kiss them all goodnight.

One funny story about my “other” name…on the first year when the boys heard my name was Missy, they started calling me Mississippi, Missouri and Michigan. Well, Mississippi stuck and all the kids have been calling me that ever since. I was talking to one of the staff ladies and found out the the staff all thought my real name was Mississippi and Missy was my nickname:)

Ok, well that is all for now, I may find time to write more later, but I just wanted to put up something. I am still working on pictures and will get those up soon. Here is a video a friend of mine made to show at our church…enjoy! Pictures are coming soon!


One thought on “South of the border and back…

  1. Dont worry Missy, you are not the only one who God spoke to in personal ways. I am glad I am not the only one who can not put into words what it was like being down there.

    p.s. I cant wait until the pictures come.

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