Well New Attitude has come and gone. I am still trying to process the mass of information received over the weekend. I think this year more than any others I felt the “fire hose” experience. I hope to have some time in the next couple of weeks to write more, but everyone has been asking for the videos from the van ride, so here is my video collection and pictures. Enjoy.

Photo Album:   nothing exciting, but they’re up if you interested

Enjoy these crazy videos:

Group Story Parts 1 & 2

Here are a couple parts of a group story our van wrote. Each person contributed three sentences and what follows is part the final story.

Joe’s Crab Shack – Table Talk and Table Football

Rapping with Curtis Allen

Joshua Harris had the whole audience making a beat with their chairs and stomping in the bleachers and then invited Curtis Allen to rap along.

Van Ride Home – Chatter, Country Music, Rap Dancing and Wrestling

Panning around the van:

Adam Dancing and Driving:

Random Conversation:

Kenny and Matt Promise take on Matt Noel in a back seat wrestling match…something about cotton candy and resisting temptation. (Guys: please feel free to explain in the comments)

Three Cents Lacking Discertment about a Miriad of Rancid Muffins –
Cent 1 – Kenny Jenkins
Cent 2 – Matt Noel
Cent 3 – Matt Promise (dosen’t join till third video)
aka Penny for Short

We tried to talk Jim into the fun…

Serenading Kristin with country music (Kristin hates country Music):


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