On blowing up ginger bread houses…


Well, we did it again. Our old family tradition of blowing up our ginger bread house has turned into a big annual event. This year we blew up six houses. There were three teams competing agains each other, one pre-rigged hosue from Charlotte, and two my Dad rigged.

First Place – Team 2

Second Place – Team 3
(This house had a firery parachute that shot out of the “chiminy”.) team-3.jpg

Third Place – Team 1

Dad’s House – Dry Ice in a pop bottle
(This house blew pieces from the middle of the yard to the cars in the parking area and allegedly threw pieces up to the tree line. It was pretty exciting.)


Charlotte House
(Tim, Andrew and Daniel pre-rigged their house and brought it down from Charlotte.  It was at least 4 times the size of the other houses and made a great show.  My favorite part was the little donuts on the lg. pretzle polls and each went off before the house went…Great job guys.)charlotte-house.jpg

Click here to see more pictures…video clips coming soon.


2 thoughts on “On blowing up ginger bread houses…

  1. Hi Missy:
    I just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog. I never think anyone reads it, so I rarely write anything anymore! It was a pleasant surprise to find out that there are people who do.

    I remember you very well and your group was always one of my favorites. Everyone from your group had (and I am sure still do) such a desire to serve.

    This year away from the Ranch has been one of the hardest I’ve ever gone through, but with God’s grace I am pushing on through! I’ve been blessed to be able to go back and visit frequently.

    Anyway this is turning into a letter, so I’ll close by saying God bless you and may He grant you all the desires of your heart.

    Erin Jones

  2. Great pictures Missy! as usual….I’m sure it doesn’t get said enough when we are all dodging your camera – but I love the fact that you capture our memories on film! Tell your family thanks for letting us all share in this tradition..maybe we can make it a relay next year and ‘blow’ up a few plastic houses first 🙂

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