To Fly or Not To Fly…


So, have you ever wondered what I really do when I hang out with my friends? Well, here is a peak into a night hanging out with three of my little friends. (pk Hannah M. isn’t quite as “little” as the others) It all started out when Hannah M. and I were letting HannahK. and MacKenna “fly” on our feet. After a while we began to wonder if I could make Hannah M. (the bigger one) “fly”. It took a couple tries, but the pictures that follow show how it worked. If you would like to see the whole gallery of our evening with Hannah and MacKenna please click here to see more pictures.



I also have pictures and videos (coming soon) of my Dad playing with the girls. They are so cute and it reminds me of when I was a little girl. We would play hide and seek with my Dad, but this was a little different. My dad would jump out and scare us (like most dads) but he would also change his hiding place regularly while we were looking for him so it took us forever to find him because we had to check the whole house over and over. And then when we walked by somewhere we had already checked and thought he wasn’t there, he would jump out from behind us growling like a lion and we would all run screaming back to mom for a big hug.

Anyways, these are are just some new and old memories that I hope my grandparents will enjoy.


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