My brother says…

So my brother said I should put more quotes on my blog. I thought I would randomly start posting quotes from this book I have been collecting them in since high school. These are rather recent, but I will randomly start pulling old ones.

These are several quotes from a book I have been reading. The chapter was on election and I found these quotes encouraging. I hope you enjoy them.

“It seems that there is something about the truth of God’s free and sovereign election that stands guard over the mind and heart of the church and keeps her alert to tendencies and shifts that swing wide from the plumb line of God’s word.”

“Election is the guarantee that God not only invites people to be delivered, but also actually delivers them. (Matthew 1.21) God undertakes with omnipotence to save his people. He plans it in election and he achieves it through the work of His son, and he applies it infallibly by His Holy Spirit through faith. The predestined are called, the called are justified, the justified are glorified (Romans 8.30). The destiny of God’s people, rooted in election, is unshakably sure. And that is good news.”

“Election is the final ground of assurance because, since it is God’s commitment to save, it is also God’s commitment to enable all that is necessary for salvation.”

~ John Piper – The Pleasures of God


One thought on “My brother says…

  1. Mmm, good quotes, Missy.
    That last one was very encouraging- and what a reminder that I have done nothing to earn my salvation, but it is all of God’s grace!

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