Melissa Joy Photography


For those of you who don’t know, I am a part time photographer. I don’t do much during the winter months, but plan to start picking up more work in the spring. I am working on a new site for my business and thought you might like to check it out. ( Nothing exciting, but it was a big deal for me since I did most of the work myself. Nick helped me set it up and get things going and then answered all my questions as I went along, but I actually added and deleted html and css! I still have no clue what I am doing, but it has been a good learning process. Let me know what you think of my new site.


2 thoughts on “Melissa Joy Photography

  1. Melissa,

    Wow. I love it. Very professional. I love your photographic style and cannot wait to see where the LORD will take it. Keep Shooting; you inspire me.

    Dive Deep

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