Howdy Y’all


Yes, you guessed it…I got cowboy boots for Christmas. Not just any mind you, those exact ones in the picture, and that’s me in them…not that you can tell. I wanted a quick picture to put on my blog so I asked Nick to take one….not bad for a 5 min. photo shoot. These boots were my little brothers and I’ve tried to talk him into selling them to me for over 6 months, but he wouldn’t give in. You can imagine my suprise when I opended this big box Christmas morning to find them all cleaned up just for me. Isn’t he so sweet.

Pictures from Christmas DayThese are for you Grandma and Grandpa!!!

Pictures from misc events before Christmas


6 thoughts on “Howdy Y’all

  1. Loved the pictures from Christmas. Your Christmas ordements are really cool that your mom bought for ya’ll to paint. You’ll have to tell me where she got them.

    I love the picture of Nick making the funny face–I guess he was laughing or had food in his mouth:) And of Abbey with her pillow. Its a keeper.

  2. awesome boots!

    I enjoyed looking at the pictures… I don’t know if my family would let me put up pict’s from Christmas morning! But, I guess you all get all cleaned up first. We’re all in our pj’s 🙂

    See ya soon…

  3. Yup, we were too! =) Well, at least Laura & I were…
    Isn’t it amazing to see some pictures of Nick actually smiling?! That one of you two is cute, though. Ben looked so excited, didn’t he? I’m so glad we have little brothers, aren’t you?

  4. I like the boots picture. Tell Nick I said I think he’s pretty good at this photography thing. Maybe he should do it professionally…

    Hey! Are those the boots we pulled off of Ben right before we threw him in the pond by Luke’s house? In any case, you don’t have to remind Ben of said event.

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