Thanks Guys …

The guys in our singles group have always been great at serving and leading in so many ways, but last night they exceeded themselves. They hosted a dressy Christmas dinner for the singles group at one of the guys homes. It was all decorated with garland, lights and candles. They arranged entertainment for the whole evening from a snowflake making contest to skits, games and a walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. The evening was well planned and the food was amazing. These guys can cook!!! We had turkey, ham, potatoes, homemade bread, the whole works. They even made cheesecakes and ice cream for desert. It was so much fun to have an excuse to get dressed up, but not have to try to cook and clean at the same time.

The whole evening was so delightful, but in particular the time they took to thank all the girls. One of the guys got up and thanked us all for the way we serve and our pursuit of biblical womanhood and then we were each given cards with notes of encouragement. This was such a blessing to me in so many ways. I also really enjoyed the skit and have included a video clip to share it with you all.

So, thanks guys. Not only for the beautiful evening, but for your everyday example of biblical manhood and leadership. Thank you for the way you lead in initiating and planning events, your faithful pursuit of biblical fellowship (not just occasionally, but every time we are together) , and for guarding our hearts in treating us as sisters in Christ. Thank you for walking us to our cars and opening doors, giving up your seats and the many other little ways you serve by helping us with whatever we happen to be doing. Chivalry is not dead!

Click here to see my pictures from the Christmas Dinner.


6 thoughts on “Thanks Guys …

  1. Well.. that was fun. Thanks for sharing it Meliss!

    I loved hearing Mandy… I mean Amanda, laugh the whole time… at first I was like, “Who on earth…?” But then I realized it was her. Bravo.

    Cait B

    PS So… did any cars get inscribed? Just curious.

  2. Thanks for posting the video and pics on your site. It was great to see everyone and I enjoyed the skit.

    Mandy, we’ve missed your laugh. Good to have you back.

    One day all of you will have a wedding website….Lord Willing!!

    Luke, I’m very impressed, you remembered I like my steak medium rare. I’m touched.

    When I get back I’ll brawl with all the guys. So you wanna rastle?

  3. Hey, thanks for the post! And thanks for the pictures too. Great pics! Also, why isn’t my roommate one of your friends? Have I missed the boat somewhere? I know he’s a little sketch, but at least he has shoulders??!!!???

  4. Eric,

    I think you should take Adam up on his Kung-Fu challenge when you get back. I’d really like to see that.

    Missy, thanks for the pictures, video, and nice comments! As always, it’s nice to have your photo album to show friends.


  5. Melissa, I’m so thankful as well, for all you godly women of our church, and the opportunity to serve y’all at the Christmas party and throughout the year at all our other functions as well. Matt N. was right when he said that you girls are so easy to communicate with, do things for, help in many different ways, and just see growing in Christlikeness. It’s a pleasure to have served you all, and so I say a big “You’re welcome” to your thanks to us.

  6. Hmm, here’s my correct web address. How’d that atom.xml part get in the last one? I don’t know. 😦


    p.s. Thanks again Melissa from all us guys.

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