I Needed A Break

Ok, so I am working on the slide show for our Mexico trip (for this Sunday) and I needed a break. You try sorting back and forth through 1,500 pictures trying to find that one you saw 5 min. ago with the guy in a gray shirt standing next to another guy in a gray shirt….. I am grateful that they use so much color in Mexico. Every building is a different color and that helps sometimes.

Well, again, I am not here to give you an update on our trip just yet. I will try to get a copy of my slide show up for you though.

Ok, so looking at all these pictures and I can’t help but remember lots of stories….which one to tell….On one of the first days there one of the little girls named Mileni heard someone call me Mississippi (my nick name from last year) she thought that was really funny and kept trying to say it, but had a hard time at first…after several tries it came out as Missi-pee-pee. She started giggling and it was just all over. After several days I found she had passed it on to some of the boys and now…it will haunt me forever.

Actually it dosen’t bother me if it helps her remember me next year 🙂 Ok, I have to get back to work…I will write more later and put up a few of my 600+ pictures.


3 thoughts on “I Needed A Break

  1. I love that story 🙂

    so many memories… I was just trying to blog some of mine w/ my pictures… but it is hard to narrow it down and not write a whole book!

    can’t wait to see the slide show!

  2. Missy,

    Great job with the slideshow… it was great. I cannot imagine the stress of going through 1,500 images and trying to pick however many you used. You continue to do a great job… it gets better every year!

    It would be great if you could put the slideshow up here: my mother and Ash were in nursery and didn’t get to see it. Can’t wait to see it again!


  3. Hi. I got to your web site from Eric’s blog. I’m Jamie Walton’s uncle. I really enjoyed the slide show. It was a blessing for me to watch. It reminded me of growing up in Honduras as an M.K. and the various missions trips I’ve gone on.

    I was just wondering what kind of camera do you use and what did you use to put your video together?

    Sam Reyes

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