Mexico Missions Trip

Well, the reason I have not posted in forever is that we are getting ready to leave on a mission trip with our church. We are going to be spending a week at an orphanage in Guadalupe called Rancho 3M. My parents left last night and I am leaving in a couple of hours with my younger brother and sister. We will fly to El Paso and stay the night in a hotel, then meet up with my parents tomorrow morning. We are going down earlier than the rest of the team to set things up…do shopping and cleaning etc.

I want to ask for your prayers. I wish I had time to write more about this, but I have to finish packing and get going. I will post stories and pictures when we get back. THANK YOU!


One thought on “Mexico Missions Trip

  1. Hey girl, I haven’t talked to you in a while and thought I’d look you up. Your site is great and it was interesting to see all you have been up to. Email me soon and we’ll try and get together.

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