Canoe Trip

This past weekend I went canoeing with some friends. We had a great time on our little adventure (this is as close to a real adventure I have had in a while) As you might expect I chose not to take my camera in the boat. Considering the company it was a wise idea. I did get a few pictures before we left though and several funny video clips …includeing on of Jenny contemplating who should drown on the trip, and one of the girls practicing their rowing…on land.
The best part of the trip was towards the end when we found some ropes hanging out over the river and several of us got out and jumped in the river…the dirty, nasty neuse river. I have always wanted to do that…I just can’t believe it took me this long to get an opportunity. Unfortuanly I didn’t have my camera so you will just have to imagine that part.
Special thanks to Kristin for coming into town to inspire this little trip, to Bethany for braving her fears and coming anyways, to Matt for ummmm…enduring the unforseen difficulties in bringing the canoes, and to Jenny for all her planning to make this trip possible.
Funny Video Clips


One thought on “Canoe Trip

  1. Missy, thanks for posting the videos and all the pictures. I am enjoying watching and looking at them. Thanks for serving us and blessing us in this way!

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