Long Time No See

For those of you who just received my e-mail and fall under the “long lost family and friends” category, here is a brief update on what is going on in my life.

I moved back home to North Carolina back in September of 04′. The last two years have been two of the hardest and best years I can remember. It took a while to adjust back into my family and church, but after about a year, it was like I never left. I worked at several jobs and tried starting up my own photography business, but I didn’t like the stress and now I only do it on the side. I am currently working as a secretary at my church and I have to say that this is probably the most enjoyable job I have ever had. So far it has been very slow and easy, but next month things should start to pick up and my multitasking abilities will be put to the test.

I still do some photography on the side…mostly children and a few weddings. If you are interested in seeing my web site go to… http://www.melissajoyphotography.com.

Since moving home our church has also become involved with an orphanage in Guadalupe, Mexico. It is called Rancho 3M http://www.rancho3m.com. This has been an answer to many family prayers and it is such a joy be able to serve in this way with my church. We are planning our 3rd annual trip this October. My parents lead the teams and that means that I get in on a lot of the planning/organizing also. We have a great time together and it is fun to work together on something we all love so much. I usually get to plan the game time with kids at the Ranch, but last year ended up without a translator most of the time. So…I started taking Spanish classes this year. I hope it helps!!!

This past January my brother John got married. John and Deana are having a great time. They just (well, a month or so ago) found out that they are pregnant. !!!I am going to be an Aunt!!! My other brother Nick, also started courting a girl from our church a couple months ago. It is really an exciting time for our family.
Ben (11) and Abbey (13) are still home schooled by my mom. They are doing really well and recently put down a brick patio in our back yard. (Talk about some talented kids)

The biggest mark of the past two years has been God’s amazing grace and mercy. He has so faithfully led me through all the joy’s and difficulties of the past couple of years. It is been a marked time of growth for me as I have been challenged to fight for my joy and contentment to be found in God alone. By His grace, I am thankful not only for the joys of the past couple of years, but also for the difficult times and hard lessons. I can look back and see how each step has brought me closer to Him. I am excited for this next season and look forward to everything that God is going to do in my life and in those around me.

I look forward to keeping in better touch with you all and I hope you will leave comments. (If you are new to blogging…please note that all comments are public. If you want to e-mail me please send it to…missy@schlax.net)


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