Table Talk – Pumpkin Cannons

I can’t really retrace the rabbit trail, but our dinner conversation turned to pumpkin cannons last night. In curiosity we all gathered around a laptop and googled it. We were suprised to find that this isn’t just a random hobby…they have world championships for these things. Air powered, ones with some sort of engines and catapults. They compete for distance and accuracy. They have shot out doors on cars and have set records of shooting pumpkins over a mile…10-12 lb. pumpkins.
Needless to say we found this intriguing, so I thought I would put up some links in case anyone else out there could be as easily ammused.
Video – shooting car
World Campionship Site
misc. pics of cannons
(all pictures from –


One thought on “Table Talk – Pumpkin Cannons

  1. ya know i was thinkin’..
    “missy” is a wicked awesome name;) i wanna name my goldfish’s great grandma after you:-)


    hannah banana

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