Wedding Tomorrow

Tomorrow marks another first in my photography career (such as it is). It will be my first time shooting a wedding for someone I don’t know. It should be interesting. This will be my fourth wedding, though it is actually the first one I committed to working at. The verdict is still out on exactly how much I dislike photographing weddings, but I am happy to say that with each one it does get easier. I completely dread the thought of going, but I know that once I am there I will switch into production mode and it won’t be so bad.

I have put off even thinking about this until yesterday…but now it is upon me. I would appreciate your prayers for this event…I want to glorify God through this and relate in a humble yet professional manner. I also need prayer for boldness in relating and setting up pictures and on the spot creativity and ingenuity.

I will let you know how it goes.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Tomorrow

  1. Melissa,

    That is wonderful! I had no idea you were still doing weddings! The ones you did previously were wonderful… you deffinately have it. I am so glad this oppertunity arose for you; I think you will improve each time. I will keep you in my prayers.. don’t be anxious… you will do a fabulous job.

    Keep it up!


  2. I’ll be praying for you… I’ll pray that he will give you strength, creativity, boldness, and peace…and that you will enjoy it!

    Love ya…

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