On digging broken wells – Jeremiah 2.13

“My people have commited two sins:
Thay have forsaken me, the spring of living water,
and have dug their own cisterns, broken cisterns that cannot hold water”
– Jeremiah 2.13

As I was reading these verses this morning I was reminded of how often I go looking for my joy and peace, when I already have the source of it right here. Why is it that we can know with our minds that all contentment is found in God alone, yet still pursue other people and circumstance to fulfull our desires. Are we really that stupid?
Right in front of us…God’s word, the church, spiritual disciplines…we have a “spring of living water”, what makes us go out and dig our own cisterns?


3 thoughts on “On digging broken wells – Jeremiah 2.13

  1. Just stopped by your blog. To answer your question, I think it is because we are broken people… Have you ever read “Inside Out” by Larry Crabb? An excellent book written by a Christian psychologist dealing with this exact issue. Incredible book.–>

  2. Thanks for word of encouragement.
    I want more on this subject. God just woke me to read this verse. Also pray for me. I ‘mgreat pain on my right lower arm up to back shoulder. Kind regards

    • Andrew

      Praise God for His encouragement in your life…this is a temptation we have to fight against every day, but God is so good to call us back from our folly again and again. His grace is unending! Praying that your arm will be completely healed and that all pain is gone.

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